Centaur is the annual publication of the Sydney University Veterinary Society. The publication acts to document the activities of the Society and years of the two degrees, while showcasing the work of students. Edited by final year students, Centaur also acts as a final year book for graduating students containing final year valedictories.


The importance of Centaur is unquestionable; in fact, much of the information pertaining to VetSoc's history in preparation for our centenary has been derived from Centaur.



Since the establishment of VetSoc, there was talk about the creation of a publication to historically document the lives of students within the Society and Faculty. The first edition of Centaur was printed in 1937 after overcoming financial prospects due to the eager enthusiasm by the student body. At such a time, it was uncertain whether such a journal could be maintained as a standard for the Society. The content of Centaur has changed dramatically since its first publication, with research by staff members and equipment advertisements gradually replaced with student articles, art and satire. Much of the history of the Society and the Faculty has been preserved thanks to the work and contribution of students in our historic publication.



As a student-published magazine, the spirit and prestige of such a historic magazine cannot be kept alive without the work and support of students and Faculty staff. The Centaur publication is a testament to the apathy and creative of the veterinary student. It is an exhibition for pieces of art – both lyrical and visual. If you have a piece of work that you would like to be included in Centaur, please send it to vetscience.soc@sydney.edu.au


Centaur Archives

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For editions of Centaur from 1937 to 1960 please check the Sydney eScholarship Repository.






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