Past Events

Halfway Dinner 2015: End of an Era


In what could be the last ever USYD Halfway Dinner that the faculty sees, students and staff alike joined to celebrate the achievement of the last BVSc class to go through the halls of JD Stewart. The night was one to be remembered as everybody gathered at the Ivy Grand Ballroom for an amaziing evening.

VetBall 2015: Masquerade


The field of vetlets and mini bio-scientists picked up donned their finest and pulled on facades of which the ventians themselves would be proud. The night on the harbour was enjoyed by all as the guys and girls of the faculty simply didn't hold back on the lavish masks, dresses and suits.

Have a Pawse: Puppy Day


You know how it is, exams are looming and you just need a cuddle. Well VetSoc came through with the goods, along with Rocky's K9 Rescue, we were able to bring you a group of lovable pooches looking for cuddles and homes. The bake sale we held was able to go directly to helping these animals by suporting Rocky's and the vet bills they always have to cover. To learn more about thier good work feel free to  give them a visit and see if you can pick up a friend to cuddle everyday!

Changeover Keg 2015: Superstar Athletes


The new committee had just taken control and were keen to try their hand at 'Kegging'.

The night was filled with elite athletes from all walks of life, including our very own Quad-Fac legends! The boys and girls of Team Vet, coming off their greatest performances to date were able to finish 2nd in the rugby and 1st in the touch in what was another brilliant year of good-will inter-faculty sport.

Quad-Fac 2015


Team Vet the biggest performers of the year by far, winning the girl's touch championship (yet again) and the boys scrambling together a team to take down 2/3. Next year we want to see the girls keep up the good form while the boys look to inflict heart-breaking loss on the well drilled medicine side.

Heroes vs Villains Keg: Charity Event


We are pleased to say that thanks to your help we have raised almost $1000 for the Black Dog Institute (exact figure to be announced soon). We believe this is a really important cause due to the high level of mental illness in our industry - if you would like more information or need to seek help check it out at:

Annual Charity Dinner 2015


It was great to see everyone scrub up from their vet school attire with all looking dashing in red, white and black for the Tassie devils! Thanks for a great night with all funds raised going to Save the Tasmanian Devil Program!



VetCruise 2015: The Boat That Rocked


The high seas have never seen the likes of 300 celebrity musicians on one boat but by golly we gave them exactly that! Thanks again for a great night on the high seas! From the Single Ladies to the "Black-Eyed Peas" to the Cat the Musical! - it was so great to see you have so much fun dressing up. Thank you all for coming, it's YOU that makes Vetsoc the fun that it is!

Beers Pies Bull 2015


The rain and construction work couldn't put a dampener on this hoedown! Thanks everyone for the great turn out and a throwdown of a night. We hope you first years especially had a great time and found out what #vetlyf is all about - bullriding and nutbushing! And who knows, perhaps you even nabbed yourself a cowboy or cowgirl?!

First Annual VetFair


You want to be involved in the faculty but not sure how? Maybe you want textbooks but don't want to spend all your youth allowance on them? Well at the VetFair we brought you varies societies and groups with a specific veterinary and animal focus, as well as the regular secondhand book stall to make life that little bit easier.

Intro to Vet 101


After a few days of brief orientation and introduction to the intesive life of a student in the vet faulty we thought it'd be nice to show the newbies it isn't all fun and games. Stdents from AVBS, VetBio and DVM joined us for an evening of good times, cheap drinks and revelry to really meet their new classmates and join the vet community!

End of Exams VetFest


The end of exams means it is time to relax and so we decided it was only fair that we bring you great deals to help you do exactly that! The lovely people at Forest Lodge Hotel (or if it is your local watering hole, The Flodge) were kind enough to help us put on an event just for you guys to unwind.


Eat, Drink & Chill 

Scrub Crawl 2014


Halloween and a group of excited VetSoc members on a pub crawl through Newtown wearing scrubs and labcoats? Sounds like a perfect way to spend the night if you ask me. Antics at an all time high and an evening like no other, Newtown had no idea what hit it!

Wacky Races 2014


A record number of participants took part in the annual Wacky Races to BBGrog! With the police only being called once (two pick up our two 'escaped hospital patients' pictured) it's fair to say that this year's Wacky Races was yet another successful escapade!


Camden Weekender 2014: The Acattery Awards


The red carpet was laid out as the biggest event of the vet calendar drew nearer and nearer. Wacky Races concluding and the Day Games in full swing it was only a matter of time before the Vet Revue kicked off the party. Special guests for the night, Cosmo's Midnight, made sure you were dancing til the early hours!


You Stay Classy BBGrog!


Scrub Crawl 2015

Halloween and a group of excited VetSoc members on a pub crawl through Newtown wearing scrubs and labcoats? Sounds like a perfect way to spend the night if you ask me. Antics at an all time high and an evening like no other, Newtown had no idea what hit it!