Student Representation

The Sydney University Veterinary Society represents the students of the Faculty of Veterinary Science (regardless of membership status) by keeping an open dialogue between key staff members and student representation on various committees, such as the Learning Teaching Committee (LTC).


VetSoc hopes that by keeping this line of communication open between staff and students and by having a seat on the various committees available; the Society is able to voice the opinions of the average student and influence the outcome of decisions that is fair to all students within the Faculty.


A recent acomplishment by the Society was achieved when the Committee of 2010-11 led by James Moody successfully lobied for a cheaper and more comfortable clothing alternative for placements. This was approved by the Faculty early in the office of the Committee of 2011-12 and quickly distributed to students prior to the 2011-12 summer placements and available for pre-order purchase once a year.


Want To Get Involved? Student representation is available to all students who wish to take a role in leadership and we highly encourage you to get involved in the way the Faculty operates and get more involved in the Society.

Members of the 2014-15 Commitee