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Sister Societies

Vet Revue Society

The Veterinary Revue Society is a society comprised of fourth year BVSc and AVBS students that puts on the Vet Revue at the annual Camden Weekender (formerly BBGrog) in October. Anyone in fourth year is welcome to join and help contribute to the revue.


2016 Executive Committee

President: Lucy Rose Miller
Vice Presidents: Nichelle Fern, Adheip Prabakaran
Treasurer: Alex Kennedy
Secretary: Louis Roussille

Camden Farms Society

Camden Farms Society is the main student society on the Camden campus. The Society was formed when students in fourth year vet and AVBS students were required to live out on the Camden campus, making it harder for students to attend VetSoc events held on the city Camperdown campus. All students living on the Camden campus are automatically a member with no sign up fee required.


2016 Executive Committee

President: Emily Ainsworth
Vice President: Zoë Blum
Treasurer: Bethany Anderson
Secretary: Sophie Talbot
Keg Representatives: Hayley Hooper, Genevieve Dwyer, Matt Coombs, Maria Gerasimova, Cillian Coleman, Annika Tofferi, Cleo Lumley



Scribble Party

The first keg of the year! Everyone's just moved into their dorms and lodges, so why not kick off the semester with some fun?


Fish Party

An annual event that coincides with the end of aquaculture rotations. A pimped-out fish keg held next to, yep you've guessed it, a dam! (Trivia: this dam is where BBGrog was previously held)


Vinnie's Ball

No we don't make it out to be better than VetSoc's Vetball, but we have fun at Vinnie's Ball. The plan, splash some cash on buying something smashing from Vinnie's and come for a crazy night.


Camden Weekender (formerly BBGrog)

Not to be missed by any student ever to set foot in the Faculty!!! Three socities come together to hold a massive day of having fun! First VetSoc runs the annual Wacky Races from the Camperdown to Camden campus, filled with amazing challenges, cryptic clue destination and just plain fun. Then get ready for a day full of games and alcohol when Camden Farms takes over as we pit year to year, degree on degree, students and teachers. Then lights, camera, action! The Vet Revue Society (fourth year BVSc and AVBS students) put on the annual veterinary science revue. Camden Farms then finishes off with dancing long into the night (3 AM to be precise) and bacon and eggs in the morning.



Wildlife Society

The Wildlife Society aims to help students from the University of Sydney learn more about native Australian wildlife and exotic species from all over the world. This is facilitated by workshops, seminars and interactive discussions led by various organisations, vets, zoo keepers, students and lecturers. Being a member of the society enables members to socialise with professionals involved in the wildlife industry and students from all faculties of the university. Free entry to most workshops and seminars and subsidised activities are provided to members.


Membership Details

Annual Membership Fee $5 (Access is required)



Animal Welfare Society

The Sydney University Animal Welfare Society aims to increase awareness of local and international animal welfare issues in order to build an educated body of people who can participate in promoting the responsible treatment of animals. We aim to uphold this objective by at all times taking an evidence-based approach to the issues we examine, in order to appropriately educate members from all faculties about animal welfare and encourage informed debate. We endeavour to achieve this by hosting fundraising events, awareness campaigns, and by inviting organisations and guest speakers from the field of animal welfare to present on their topic of expertise. At the same time, we hold a number of social events to help foster a culture of like-minded people on campus who are passionate about animal rights. Join us and help make a difference to the lives of those without a voice.


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