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Few people in the Faculty actually know what the VetSock is all about, which is a shame considering it makes a good story... In 2011, VetSoc held its annual VetSoc Cruise themed as ‘Anything But Clothes’. A mysterious student in third year who shall never be named had the decency to cover his crown jewels with a single sock. Anyways, After the cruise, Malcolm kindly donated the sock and was framed by the 2010-2011 VetSoc committee. From this point on, the Executive committee selects the most memorable person at any VetSoc event during their term in office. This award is only handed out in years where a student has truly earnt it.



  • Benjamin Pratt (BVSc III)

  • Ben did not have one single particular event to which we can attribute this award. His regular commitment to speedos and his mantra of "Suns Out, Guns Out", extending it to include the rest of his rig and removing the need for any sun at all, has meant that he has truly lived up to the reputation.



  • Malcolm Geerlings (BVSc III)

  • VetSoc Cruise 2011 Anything But Clothes

  • Wearing only a sock as a costume

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